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University Honors Program

Life in the Yellow Duplex

By Kaitlin Lewis

One of the many defining features of the University of Dayton is its student neighborhood. From Irving to Chambers Street, students get to experience a supportive community living all within a 15-minute walk of each other. Within the larger student neighborhood, each residence offers a chance for its own unique community as well – one of which happens to be located at the yellow duplex at the end of Stonemill Road in the Honors Special Interest House. 

The Honors students living in the yellow duplex took time to share with the University Honors Program why they chose to live in this community, as well as a few of their favorite memories the two houses shared during their first semester together. 

Q: Why did your group apply to live in the Honors house?

  • “When I was a freshman, I remember how welcomed I felt by the Honors community and how that really shaped my time entering the Honors program. It made it so much easier to navigate the different opportunities, and I wanted to provide the same hospitality for other Honors students. I also am someone that greatly prioritizes academics, and being surrounded by other students who are dedicated to their studies was something I was very drawn to and makes me feel like I can be my most authentic self.” - Kayla Lenahan, 428 Stonemill Road
  • “My roommates and I wanted to help support the needs of the Chaminade Scholars, an Honors Signature Program on campus. Having the Honors house to serve as a home-base in the student neighborhood has allowed us to host Chaminade Scholar events that have allowed us to foster a deeper intercohort community.” - Joseph Beckett, 432 Stonemill Road

Q: What is the greatest benefit of living in the Honors house? 

  • “It has been a wonderful experience to get to know some of the first-year Honors students and create a space that fosters community through the events that we host. I feel that living here has helped us connect with some students who really didn’t know what the Honors Program may entail, and getting to answer their questions about the program and about life in college has been great. One of my favorite parts about the House is our porch, as I feel that it’s really connected us with our neighbors, and been an inviting space for anyone to stop by and say hello or chat.”  - Kate Sidor, 428 Stonemill Road

Q: What has been one of your favorite memories in the Honors house?

  • “As many people have already said, we have a wonderful community in the yellow duplex. One of my favorite memories was the Friendsgiving we had right before Thanksgiving break. Everyone made delicious food, and we were super blessed to have some home-made pierogi from Kate! It was a lovely event that exemplified the House duplex.” - Natalie Barendt, 428 Stonemill Road
  • “One of my favorite memories was actually on the other side of the duplex. The guys’ house hosted an event for the Chaminade Scholars program, and those two hours felt like a retreat. It has been so wonderful to live next to the Chaminade Scholars house as well, growing closer to not just the members in my cohort but the program as a whole.” - Kayla Lenahan, 428 Stonemill Road

Q: Would you recommend students apply for Honors Special Interest Housing? 

  • “Where do I even start? The house comes with a huge porch with a picnic table and a full-size grill that’s perfect for hangouts with friends. That’s not to mention the prime location on the 400 block of Stonemill, large living spaces, and intentional community that is fostered as the house fulfills its SMART Goals.” - Joseph Becket, 432 Stonemill Road 
  • "Of course! The house is a perfect location and size. Overall, special interest housing is one of the things that makes Dayton so special, and I wouldn’t have rather lived in any other house my senior year." - Natalie Barendt, 428 Stonemill Road

Q: Do you have any piece of advice for students interested in applying for the Honors Special Interest House? 

  • Create a strong SMART goal! Being a part of the Honors House allows you to provide events for other Honors students to welcome them into the Honors program and connect them with different opportunities. A strong SMART goal includes one that really emphasizes supporting other Honors students in navigating UD. - Kayla Lenahan, 428 Stonemill Road.

428 Stonemill Road Community:

  • Kayla Lenahan, senior accounting major. Natalie Barendt, senior international business management major. Kenzie Schaff, senior pre-medicine major. Tyler Horton, senior biology major. Kate Sidor, junior music therapy major. Sarah Brightfield, “super-senior” studying civil engineering.

432 Stonemill Road Community: 

  • Joseph Beckett, senior mechanical engineering major. Robert Kelly, senior political science and English major. Piercson Sheehan, senior mechanical engineering major. Alex Smith, senior marketing major. Timothy Klopfenstein, senior civil engineering major. Braden Jones, senior electrical engineering major. 
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