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University Honors Program

The Sky's the Limit

By Emma Kapp

Recently, President Eric Spina took some time to reflect on what the Honors Program means to UD’s campus.


When he first arrived in summer 2016, President Spina was invited to a gathering by members of the Berry Summer Thesis Institute cohort. They were some of the first UD students he interacted with on campus. Because of their proactivity and thoughtfulness, Spina felt very welcomed to his new community. Additionally, he was impressed by their positivity and enthusiasm.


“Their energy was great, and it was clear they had a real passion for the research they were doing,” Spina said.


Since this first interaction, Spina has noticed many of the “good things” that happen on UD’s campus involve Honors students. This is just one aspect of the Honors Program he appreciates.


“The Honors Program isn’t an independent section of the University that exclusively celebrates academics,” Spina said. “It is integrated into our campus community and really takes an interest in educating the whole student.”


Spina mentions the experiential learning opportunities offered through the Honors Program, such as DC Flyers, Global Flyers, and Chaminade Scholars, are some of the ways students can expand their horizons.


Specifically, Spina is impressed by the research opportunities the Honors Program continues to provide students, and also by the many faculty who happily mentor undergraduate students in research and scholarly work. He would love to see more students in a variety of disciplines even more deeply involved in research projects.


“Research is all about discovery, which involves the acts of learning and creation,” he said. “That’s what we want a University of Dayton educational experience to involve. Students will graduate and move on, but that love of learning can stretch beyond campus.”


The integration of experiential learning, research and service is what makes the Honors Program a unique asset to UD, and Spina urges students to take advantage of any opportunities that come their way. He also advises students to build relationships with the Honors program staff.


“The staff is truly motivated and inspired by the students who they meet and work with,” he said. “With their support and the wide variety of opportunities offered, the sky's the limit for Honors students.”


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