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University Honors Program

The Most Wonderful Time

By Emma Kapp

The semester may be drawing to a close, but the excitement surrounding this year’s Christmas on Campus (COC) is only beginning. The annual event is a staple of the holiday season to the Flyer community and is always a beautiful night, thanks to the hard work of many people.

Junior Brianna Dooley and senior Sam Windsor are members of the planning committee for Christmas on Campus. The two were inspired to join after their first experiences with COC.

“I got a kid for COC my first year on campus and had a blast with my first grade girl,” Dooley said. “I love event planning so I wanted to get involved to help plan an event so important to the University and its students.”

Dooley, Windsor and the rest of the COC committee makes sure the event runs smoothly and a fun night is had by all. It can be an overwhelming and busy task, but both Dooley and Windsor make sure to enjoy the night.

“I love standing in Humanities Plaza right at the beginning and end of the night, as UD students pick up and drop off children from buses in C lot,” Windsor said. “It is so wonderful to watch the kids’ faces light up as they step onto campus, as well as the smiles on their faces as they say goodbye for the night.”

One of the most meaningful aspects of COC for Dooley and Windsor is seeing how many members of the UD and greater Dayton community attend the event. Knowing that the impact of COC extends beyond campus is a rewarding feeling.

“It is amazing to see how COC brings in so many families and people that may or may not have any affiliation with UD, because they love what we do and love to come celebrate Christmas with the rest of Dayton,” Dooley said.

As the finishing touches are put on this year’s event, Dooley and Windsor look forward to the night when UD’s campus brims with people and holiday spirit. Their hope is that all who attend have a memorable and meaningful experience.

“Christmas is truly a special season, and being able to celebrate it on a Catholic, Marianist campus with an event like COC is truly magical,” Dooley said.

Windsor agrees. “I hope that every person who attends can experience a little bit of magic.”

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