UD EMS: An Opportunity to Serve

The season of giving is here, and no one understands that spirit quite like a UD student. Service is at the core of many campus organizations and activities. For senior Honors students Julianne Haney and Mark Bugada, being part of the University of Dayton’s Emergency Medical Services (UD EMS) has given them the opportunity to serve the campus community in a unique way that aligns with their academic interests and passions.

Haney and Bugada were drawn to UD EMS because it was a chance to gain experience as a medical professional. Haney, a pre-medicine major, and Bugada, an exercise physiology major, liked the idea of being able to learn in a fast-paced, hands-on environment. However, they also enjoyed the notion of being part of a community of care.

“Even from my first ride-along, I could tell there was a real sense of comradery among the EMTs [emergency medical technicians],” Haney said. Bugada agreed. “It’s like a family,” he said.

Haney, Bugada and 58 other student EMTs work around the clock to serve the campus community. In addition to weekly shifts, each member also has intermittent overnight shifts. When they aren’t out on call, EMTs work to refine their skills or do chores around the EMS house on Lawnview.

In addition to the professional development and service opportunities, UD EMS gives members the chance to grow as leaders. This year, Haney is serving as assistant chief of personnel and has gained meaningful insight being in the position. “It’s given me the opportunity to do what I love and grow as a leader and EMT,” she said.

Bugada enjoys the community events where UD EMS partners with other campus organizations to bring attention to a cause. “By collaborating with other groups, we’re able to create more awareness and continue to build up a community of care,” he explained.

Haney and Bugada find that that most meaningful aspect of being on UD EMS is serving and educating members of the community. “We’re one of the few organizations on campus that focuses on students helping students,” Haney said. “With that comes a lot of responsibility, but we enjoy doing it.”

Thanks to Haney and Bugada’s gifts of time and talent, campus is a better place. Their dedication serves as an example to upcoming Honors students wishing to serve the UD community in a unique and important way.

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