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Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

What is the RiverMobile?

Felicity Nolder, a Marianist PULSE volunteer with the RiverMobile discusses what the RiverMobile is, how it relates the River Steward’s goal and why it is important to her. At the conclusion of the video, there is information on how to get involved with the River Stewards.

Visit the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community website for more information.

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Who are the Dayton Civic Scholars?

Eva Schuller, a graduate assistant with the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community discusses the Dayton Civic Scholars program, as well as the impact it has on involved students and the Dayton community.

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Dayton Civic Scholars build strong neighborhood school community with senior capstone project

Over the past two years, the 2020 Dayton Civic Scholars have worked on a capstone project with the West Dayton Strong after-school program.
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