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Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

President's Reception

By Eva Schuller

On March 5th, FCLC students, faculty, and community partners gathered at President Spina's home to celebrate the accomplishments of our senior students and to thank our community partners.

Dr. Spina and Executive Director, Dr. Hunter Phillips Goodman, both acknowledged the hard work of all students throughout the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community, and the value of our numerous community partners. Students and members of each of the FCLC programs (Dayton Civic Scholars, River Stewards, Semester of Service, Neighborhood School Centers and Dayton Corps) then took turns speaking about their perspective programs and capstone projects, and took a moment to recognize the community partners that helped to make their work possible.

Seniors from both the River Stewards and Dayton Civic Scholars recognized and thanked the neighborhoods and community leaders that have helped them in their capstone projects over the past two years. A Semester of Service senior spoke about the many stakeholders in the Semester of Service program, thanking her site host and peers. A current Dayton Corps member spoke of his time serving and the valuable impact of the Dayton Corps program.

Attendees then had the opportunity to mingle and learn more in depth about the various programs in the Fitz Center. Several students had the chance to speak with Dr. Spina about their post graduation plans, and community partners conversed with students and FCLC staff.

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