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Experiential Learning at UD

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Experiential Learning September 08, 2020
Marie Poinsatte: Dean's Summer Fellowship Research on Women's Suffrage in Dayton
Marie Poinsatte, a senior history major and College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Summer Fellowship recipient, spent the spring and summer of 2020 studying the women’s suffrage movement in Dayton.
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Experiential Learning June 28, 2020
GivePulse: UD's New Community Engagement Tool
GivePulse is a new online platform that promotes community-engaged learning.
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Experiential Learning April 23, 2020
Where are they now? - “Into the River” (River Stewards Children’s Book)

This past November, the Office of Experiential Learning attended the River Stewards Community Visioning Event, where the seniors of the 2020 Cohort turned to the Dayton community to get input on their capstone project - a book that would come to be titled Into the River. 

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Experiential Learning April 23, 2020
Remote Learning Tips from Faculty and Staff

While COVID-19 may change how we interact with one another, both academic and extracurricular activities are continuing. The Office of Experiential Learning reached out to experiential learning practitioners from around UD to gather some tips for faculty and staff on how to best utilize resources and adapt to online learning and education.

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Experiential Learning February 27, 2020
February 2020 EL Lab
Experiential Learning at UD- EL Lab
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Experiential Learning January 15, 2020
Marian Apparitions
Experiential Learning at UD - Julie Jones and Jillian Ewalt's ELIFF Grant Project
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Experiential Learning November 25, 2019
EL Research and Scholarship Workshop
The Office of Experiential Learning (OEL) was excited to host an Experiential Learning (EL) Research and Scholarship workshop for faculty, staff, and graduate students last Friday, November 15th.
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Experiential Learning November 13, 2019
Experiential Learning Innovation Fund for Faculty
Call for proposals for Spring 2020 Courses.
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Experiential Learning September 06, 2019
Experiential Learning Academic Catalog 2019-2020
The Experiential Learning Academic Catalog for 2019-2020.
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Experiential Learning May 31, 2019
What is a "Learning Journey Roadmap?" and How to Implement One in Your Course or Program
The Office of Experiential Learning (OEL) asked over a dozen students from different majors and backgrounds to draw out their learning journeys in the form of personal roadmaps to illustrate key learning moments.
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