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Experiential Learning at UD

GivePulse: UD's New Community Engagement Tool

By Jamie Morris

The University of Dayton (UD) is excited to announce the launch of a new experiential learning initiative in the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year, entitled GivePulse. GivePulse is an online platform that promotes community-engaged learning by connecting UD students, faculty, and staff to community partners such as the Foodbank, United Way, and others. Beginning in the Fall, a group of faculty will be piloting the platform in their courses. Students will be able to login with their UD credentials to access their page and search for virtual community engagement and volunteer opportunities. GivePulse has many features that allow and encourage community engagement. Users are able to manage memberships, collect metrics and data on goals, curate, and list any event or opportunity, reporting, and insights, check volunteers digitally with mobile, and a communication and messaging platform. These features allow students to connect with their professors or community partners in a way, unlike any other platform.

GivePulse is an online platform for information about collaboration and partnership opportunities, available both internally on campus and externally with our Dayton community.  As many opportunities for students, faculty, and staff collaborations move online, GivePulse is a tool we can all use to ensure opportunities for service and partnership are transparent and fluid. With GivePulse, we can better respond and track your needs and the ways the University is working with you. Give Pulse is especially useful during these difficult times adjusting to online learning due to COVID-19. This portal management tool capitalizes on the present virtual options we already have. This platform is unlike others as it is a great tool to connect and organize classes. Users can join groups on Give Pulse which are distinct units that enable community-engaged learning, benefiting both the students and organizations. 

Danielle Weickert is a graduate assistant who works with the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community.  Earlier this month, in a session of EL Conversations with Campus Partners, Danielle spoke about the GivePulse initiative and gave a great example of how easy GivePulse is to navigate. If a junior accounting student is looking for opportunities to engage with a neighboring organization, they just follow the simple questions and it will connect the user with all surrounding organizations that line up with their selections and studies. GivePulse provides community engagement opportunities to UD students and faculty that will build and strengthen relationships with community organizations. Another feature about GivePulse is its ability to track the number of people or hours and store data will create more opportunities for all whether it be in the classroom or a future internship or involvement with an organization. 

GivePulse is a unique platform that helps connect UD students and faculty with neighboring organizations in order to benefit the community in its entirety. GivePulse offers many opportunities to experience community-engaged learning while helping students develop skills and take steps toward their future and career after graduation.

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