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Experiential Learning at UD

EL Research and Scholarship Workshop

By Colleen Kelch

The Office of Experiential Learning (OEL) was excited to host an Experiential Learning (EL) Research and Scholarship workshop for faculty, staff, and graduate students last Friday, November 15th. During this workshop, attendees were able to learn about publishing on EL, explore scholarly resources from the OEL, and collaborate with fellow colleagues on research and scholarship ideas. 

Heidi Gauder, Professor and Coordinator of Research and Instruction at Roesch Library, provided participants with a list of EL research and scholarship resources that can be referenced on the UD library website. All resources can be found in this “Experiential Learning” research guide.

The workshop also showcased various qualitative research methods that can be used to study EL in diverse social contexts. EL takes place both inside and beyond the classroom and connects our academic curriculum to real-world, hands-on experiences. Velasquez described ways in which qualitative research methods such as interviews and focus groups can be applied to analyze the meaning, value, and impact of EL in its many forms which include but are not limited to; research, education abroad, internships, practicums, student employment, co-operative education, vocation immersions, leadership programs, community-engaged learning, and service-learning. Attendees were also encouraged to engage in group discussions about their EL research interests and ideas. At the end of the workshop, participants identified the next steps for pursuing their own EL projects in their specific areas. 

For more information about EL at UD, check out the OEL’s new  “Experiential Learning at UD Catalog 2019-2020.” 

If you would like to learn more about this workshop, feel free to contact Karen Velasquez at

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