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Who's Publishing What: Vulnerabilia

James Vito Palazzolo’s first novel, Vulnerabilia, is a dark comedic novella weaving genres of mystery and literature. With characters pulled from entertainment culture headlines, and hints of mockumentary blended with psychological thriller, the book explores what aspects of a “real” self can survive the American addiction to media, entertainment and violence.

Kirkus calls Vulnerabilia “an offbeat, effortlessly wild and tightly woven story of an oddball’s life in flux.” Read the full review here.

Palazzolo’s work has been published in Beloit Fiction Journal twice (and received a Pushcart Prize nomination for one of those stories), Paumanok Review and Monon Street Power Collective. His second novel, Anantman, is scheduled for release in fall 2024, as well as a comic book series, Towers, with artist Kevin Cornwell illustrating. James works as a clinical psychotherapist.

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