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Humor Writers of the Month: Julie Dunlap and Sara Stotts

Julie Dunlap and Sara Stotts wrote and produced MotherFreakingHood, a musical comedy that’s running May 4-June 11 at Chicago’s Mercury Theater.

Julie, a Kansas City native and mother of five, entered motherhood with a degree in human biology she used to make her own humans. To cope, she started a mom blog that was soon picked up by the Lawrence Journal-World as a weekly humor column. Within three years, though, she no longer felt 500 words each week sufficiently expressed the stories that made up her days as a mom and partnered with former college roomie to write an entire musical about the experience. Julie lives in Lawrence, Kansas, where she is a freelance writer and pianist.

Sara, a mother of two, grew up in Ponca City, Oklahoma (an actual place on the map). After graduating from the University of Kansas, Sara earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Northwestern University. While in Chicago, she studied improvisation at both the Annoyance Theater and The Second City. There, she seasoned her funny bone and honed her music writing skills as the former front woman of the funk-blues band, Chubby Nothin’ and the Bone. Sara lives in Wilmette, Illinois, and practices physical therapy by day and "sings to her children by night like Mary Freaking Poppins."

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