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Who's Publishing What: The Frugal Editor

The third edition of Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s The Frugal Editor: Do It Yourself Editing Secrets (Modern History Press) includes new information on topics that change quickly in the English language and publishing worlds.

The book features the new help writers need from managing gender pronouns to maximizing the usefulness of front and back matter. Altogether, The Frugal Editor now provides 50% more information designed for the success of any your title.

“By creating a guide designed specifically to get writers past gatekeepers, Carolyn Howard-Johnson has created something of unmatched value: usage advice that cuts through the contentious world of grammar to offer real help. Writers polishing their manuscripts and query letters will find Howard-Johnson’s guide more useful than Strunk and White,” says June Casagrande, author of Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies (Penguin) and syndicated columnist of “A Word Please.”

A former journalist and marketing pro, Carolyn turned her knowledge toward helping other writers with her award-winning How To Do It Frugally series of books for writers.

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