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Who's Publishing What: The Little Encyclopedia of Jewish Culture

Jewish traditions are not just something they sing about in Fiddler of the Roof —though many have made an equally impact on pop culture. In Mathew Klickstein’s newest book, The Little Encyclopedia of Jewish Culture: 101 People, Places, Things (and Foods) Every Jew Should Know, readers are invited to explore the most essential Jewish foods, philosophers and more.

“It’s sure to be way more satisfying than the typical encyclopedia, but probably not as exciting as finding the perfect bagel,” says the author about the amusing and informative encyclopedia.

In The Little Encyclopedia of Jewish Culture, readers can:

• Discover cultural touchstones — From babka to Mel Brooks, learn fascinating facts about the writers, entertainers, delis and Yiddish phrases that shine a light on Jewish culture through the ages.

• Enjoy total flexibility — Paging through this book is a pleasure, whether you choose to read it cover to cover or use it as a quick reference guide.

• Give the perfect present—This encyclopedia’s lighthearted tone and charming illustrations make it a great gift for Chanukah, housewarmings and more.

“Oy, such a nice book. Klickstein's mother should be so proud,” says Mike Reiss, four-time Emmy Award-winning writer/producer of The Simpsons and co-creator of The Critic.

Mathew Klickstein is a writer, producer and instructor whose work has appeared in outlets like WIRED, the NY Daily News and Vulture. He’s also written 20 books, including pop culture histories about the San Diego Comic-Con, The Simpsons and the Nickelodeon network. Additionally, Mathew is the screenwriter for Sony Pictures’ Against the Dark, as well as the creator of AfterShock’s acclaimed comic book series You Are Obsolete.

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