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Humor Writer of the Month: John Branning

John Branning is a Maine-based humorist whose writings have left literally millions of readers with no idea who he is.

He’s the author of five previous books, with his latest scheduled for release this month. Entitled The Best I Can Do, it is a resplendent collection of jocular essays and light verse along with numerous grammatical errors.

Acclaimed for his repeated and occasionally correct use of the word “flummoxed,” John has been the recipient of several awards too obscure to merit mention.

An analysis by Grammarly indicated John uses more unique words than 82% of all other writers. While normally this would be attributed to mastery of an impressive vocabulary, in reality it’s due to an ill-considered disabling of spellcheck.

John, his wife, cat, son and other cat live on (well, right next to) a lake in the central part of the Pine Tree State, where they are all quite happy and occasionally exstatic.

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