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Who's Publishing What: The Complete Book of Cat Names

Naming a cat is the most important step in your kitten’s life, and New Yorker cartoonist Bob Eckstein can help. He’s the author of the newly published The Complete Book of Cat Names (That Your Cat Won’t Answer to, Anyway) (Countryman Press.)

"A book about cat names? The whole book? This book is hilarious. Further proof that Bob Eckstein can make anything funny, and apparently also make me want a cat, said Marty Dundics, chief editor of Weekly Humorist.

A cat’s name will set the tone for the rest of their personal and professional life, according to Eckstein. Recent studies from dubious cat blogs have shown that 80 percent of cat owners regret the name they gave their feline friends. The number one reason: it became too popular. Fear not. Whether the goal is a name to carry on family tradition or to find something new and different, The Complete Book of Cat Names is packed with options, along with all-new, cat-themed cartoons by Eckstein, making this crucial step in owning a pet a pleasure.

Here, you will find the most popular cat names (to avoid), bookstore cat names (Homer or Pip), cat names for foodies (S’more or Capers), James Bond villain cats (Golden Paws or Jinx) and many more. In addition, Eckstein provides handy charts for identifying a cat’s type (inside or outside, sassy or sweet). It’s the perfect gift for any cat owner.

Eckstein is an award-winning illustrator and writer for The New YorkerNew York Times and others. He is the author of Footnotes from the World’s Greatest BookstoresThe Ultimate Cartoon Book of Cartoons and more. He lives in New York.

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