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Who's Publishing What: The Amazing Baby Name Book

In The Amazing Baby Name Book, a fun, charming and wonderfully curated collection of baby names, authors Amy Ephron and her daughters, Anna and Maia, share inspired and witty ideas that will spark your imagination, providing parents-to-be with moments of humor, historical context, factual tidbits and highly opinionated takes on the most creative names from Abacus and Abbie to Zoe and Zuzu.

Celebrating inspiration, inclusion, hope and love — with a little bit of lighthearted attitude thrown in for good measure — this bundle of joy is the perfect gift for you or someone you love.

The book is a true family affair. Amy Ephron is a best-selling author with three children and two step-children. Maia Wapnick is a brand consultant and Amy's oldest daughter. She has two children of her own. Anna Ephron Harari is a writer and Amy's middle child. Anna also has two children.

In 2016, Amy served as a keynoter at the Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop.

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