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Who's Publishing What: Vacuuming in the Nude and Other Ways to Get Attention

Peggy Rowe is at it again — this time giving a hilarious inside look at her writing career.

Peggy has been writing all of her adult life. In fact, she doesn’t know how not to write — even through those years of constant rejection from publishing houses. But between her tenacity and the encouragement of her family, Peggy’s breakthrough finally came — at the age of 80!

Vacuuming in the Nude and Other Ways to Get Attention is most likely her funniest prose to date as she shares her journey of attending myriad writers’ conferences and honing her ability to see humor in everyday situations.

From the family’s beloved dog Shim, who thrived on piles of fresh, warm manure from the horse pasture — to vacationing on the sweltering beach with mosquitos the size of dune buggies — to the challenges of aging, Peggy Rowe delivers a hilarious array of stories that reflect her addiction to making people laugh. Even in her cancer support group, she manages to use her humor to affect others for the good.

If Peggy isn’t putting her publisher on hold to finish a game of Mahjongg, she’s at her kitchen table window-on-the-world taking notes for the next story for fans old and new to enjoy.

A 2020 keynoter at the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop, Peggy has written two New York Times' bestsellers, About My Mother: True Stories of a Horse-Crazy Daughter and Her Baseball-Obsessed Mother and About Your Father and Other Celebrities I Have Known: Ruminations and Revelations from a Desperate Mother to Her Dirty Son.

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