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Humor Writer of the Month: Sarah Walt Weaver

Sarah Walt Weaver is a writer, cartoonist and artist who creates webcomics about the three D's: Death, Depression and Diarrhea. Sarah began making comics after her sister's death in a plane crash. Her stories highlight challenging life experiences using "the magical sad/funny combo."

Sarah is currently working on her first book (working title: Death, Depression and Diarrhea). She was selected as a resident with the St. Nell's Humor Writing Residency for Ladies for April 2022.

Besides writing and cartooning, Sarah likes hanging out with crocodiles, going berry-picking, and blowing off fireworks. She can only do two of those things in Montana, where she currently lives. You can find Sarah’s comics on her website, Her writing and comics have also appeared in Graphic Medicine and on Slackjaw.

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