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Coming Live to the Erma Stage

By Teri Rizvi

After Kim Reynolds’ hilarious stand-up routine about the sandwich generation at “Erma’s Got Talent: The Stand-Up Auditions,” celebrity judge Wendy Liebman paid her the ultimate compliment.

“I think Erma Bombeck would have loved your set,” said Liebman, who will host Stand-Up Comedy Night at the Oct. 20-22 Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop at the University of Dayton.

Liebman and fellow judges Brian Kiley and Joel Madison tapped Reynolds, a “midlife mom of five fabulous kids” from Fort Wayne, Indiana, as the night’s grand prize winner from among a dozen contestants. They chose two Ohio performers, Kate Mock Elliott, of Cincinnati, and Karen Jaffe, of Dayton, as first and second runner-up, respectively.

The trio will perform at closing night of the fall workshop along with 15 other randomly selected attendees who’ve expressed a desire to try their hand at stand-up. All registered attendees will have the opportunity to throw their name in the ring, with the remainder of the roster named later this summer.

The “Erma’s Got Talent” honor caught Reynolds, who was fighting a cold, off guard. “My husband and I were jumping up and down and screaming!” she said. “My phone was going off with friends and family calling and texting. Any time you are recognized in any way associated with Erma Bombeck it’s an unbelievable honor.”

Reynolds is not a professional comic. She’s a caregiver and educator who offers seminars for people caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.

“So many people texted me that my dad would be so proud of me,” she said after her win. “He died at age 62 from melanoma but left me a note saying, ‘I believe with unlimited cell phone minutes and Diet Coke you could rule the world.’ That advice gave me the courage to start my own business and try my hand at stand-up.”

Hosted by comedy writer and podcaster Nancy Berk, “Erma’s Got Talent” drew an audience of approximately 325 people. If you missed the free event, simply register here and watch the replay.

For more information about the fall in-person workshop or to register, click here.

— Teri Rizvi

Teri Rizvi is the founder and director of the Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop at the University of Dayton, where she serves as executive director of strategic communications.

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