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Who's Publishing What: Loving You Big

Leah Witman Moore’s debut memoir, Loving You Big (Warren Publishing), is the story of an ordinary family facing extraordinary circumstances. 

The birth of Leah’s daughter, Jordan, revealed she may never walk or talk due to a rare chromosomal disorder, cri du chat. Leah hoped she could love the disability out of her child and that her resourcefulness could discover the right experts to help her daughter find her way in the world. But with the introduction of sign language, countless laps around the living room in a walker and daily wig-clad dance parties, Leah learned there was nothing about Jordan that needed to be fixed. It was the world around her that needed to change.

“Four years later, my twin boys, Oliver and Austin, were born, and my husband Zac and I were faced with a neurosurgeon for one and an oncologist for the other,” Leah said. “It inspired me to write a story to help other families facing extraordinary circumstances. As if sitting down with a friend after a long day, this is the book you want to read when you find yourself on the unexpected path of parenthood.”

Leah has taught English and theater for more than 16 years, received the prestigious Teacher of the Year award presented to 10 New York City teachers annually. She first premiered her writing on her parenting blog,, which reaches readers in 57 countries. Her family has been featured in a documentary about cri du chat, and she has been a guest on popular media outlets, such as ESPN, where she works to create greater awareness about individuals with disabilities. In 2021, she offered a workshop in memoir writing at a half-day virtual Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop.

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