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Who's Publishing What: Storytellers' True Stories About Love

Storytellers’ True Stories About Love (Chicago Story Press, Inc.), a collection of 33 stories, captures love in its many forms — love of romantic partners, parents, children, friends, animals and passionate interests. In the name of love, our storytellers suspended their beliefs, quit jobs, followed their guts, explored themselves, found courage, opened themselves up and surrendered. These stories, edited by Anne E. Beall and Judi Lee Goshen, are funny, heartbreaking, provocative and ultimately hopeful.

In Chapter 24, “Travels with Charlie, Julie Danis, Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop alum, writer and storyteller, shares her journey to a specific balcony in Havana, Cuba.

Julie is a writer, storyteller and former marketing executive. As a business humorist, she wrote a Chicago Tribune column called "It's a Living," and contributed commentary to Marketplace radio. She was a writer for the award-winning documentary film, The Girl Who Wore Freedom, a love story between French citizens and World War II veterans, and has been published in the Huffington Post, More, and Life Reimagined (now part of tells stories at live-lit events in Chicago.

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