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Who's Publishing What: Eating Salad Drunk

Comedy writer Paul Lander’s haiku is included in Gabe Henry’s Eating Salad Drunk: Haikus for the Burnout Age by Comedy Greats (St. Martin’s Griffin).

The book’s contributors include Jerry Seinfeld, Margaret Cho, Ray Romano, Mike Birbiglia and more. Stand-up comedian and performer Aparna Nancherla provides the foreword, and New Yorker cartoonist Emily Flake pens 50 black-and-white drawings for the humor book. Proceeds benefit Comedy Gives Back, a nonprofit that provides mental health, medical and crisis support resources for comedians.

“I’d attempt to do this blurb in haiku form, but it would never measure up to the ones in this book,” says Ira Glass, host and creator of the popular NPR show “This American Life.”

The book is described as a “perfect gift for any fan of humor as an escape from our dystopian present.”

Lander’s humor pieces have appeared in MAD, American Bystander, Weekly Humorist, McSweeneys, National Lampoon, Robot Butt, Little Old Lady Blog, Humor Times, Humor Outcasts, Politipod, the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop blog and more. He's written stand-up material that's been performed on The Daily Show, Real Time, Conan, David Letterman: The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize and The DL Hughley Show.

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