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Who's Publishing What: My Modena

A year in Italy with her husband and two kids, while living in an apartment that was like camping, with tile, and in a city that was like God's attic, made Andrea Susan Valentine Gelfuso Goetz appreciate Italian culture, art and heart-stoppingly gorgeous Italians.

Her new book, My Modena, a Year of Fear, Laughter, and Exhilaration in Italy, details the delightful confusion of living in a town that made every task hilariously frustrating, but every walk a journey into Italy's fascinating past — and thrilling present.

"My Modena is a scrumptious literary tiramisu, layered with history, art, food, fashion, culture (and culture shock), all topped with generous dollops of hilarity," says Dianne Hales, New York Times bestselling author of La Bella Lingua, Mona Lisa and La Passione.

Watch the book trailer here and read an excerpt here.

By day, Andrea is an environmental attorney. She adores Italy and all things Italian.

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