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Who's Publishing What: This Band of Sisterhood

Westina Matthews, a 1970 University of Dayton graduate, edits a new, groundbreaking book, This Band of Sisterhood: Black Women Bishops on Race, Faith, and the Church.

The book brings together the first five Black women to be elected diocesan bishops within the Episcopal Church for a candid conversation on race and the future of the church. Bishops Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows, Carlye J. Hughes, Kimberly Lucas, Shannon MacVean-Brown and Phoebe A. Roaf “offer honest wisdom and experiences relevant to this complex time in American life,” said Mathews, author of Dancing from the Inside Out: Grace-Filled Reflections on Growing Older. “Their faith journeys have been informed by history, yet they pioneer new territory for Black women — and for all people of faith with their vision for the future.”

Dr. Catherine Meeks, executive director of the Absalom Jones Center for Racial Healing, writes in the foreword, “The Episcopal Church has elected six amazing women diocesan bishops who are continuing a long legacy of resistance. Their stories, contained in this book, about their respective paths to this point inspires, brings the reader to tears, and makes the reader wish to stand a bit taller and to be a bit more courageous. Their stories show us their humanity as well as their fierce and uncompromising pursuit of life as they want it to be.”

An essay about Matthews’ own sisters will appear later this year in Sisters!, a humor anthology published by the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop.

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