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Who's Publishing What: Rewrite the Stars

Mom-of-three Sadie Rollins-Lancaster struggles with a crumbling marriage she had hoped to salvage. Though her husband, Theo, initiated the divorce, he's now having a change of heart that's difficult to reconcile as he fights against PTSD demons within. When a chance encounter with a stranger resurrects emotions in Sadie she never expected to feel again, her world is turned upside down.

Christina Consolino’s debut novel, Rewrite the Stars, is an honest, moving portrayal of life and love that reminds us how much of our happiness lies within our own grasp. It was named one of ten finalists for the Ohio Writers' Association Great Novel Contest 2020.

Christina serves as senior editor at the online journal Literary Mama, freelance and edits both fiction and nonfiction, and teaches writing classes at Word's Worth Writing Center.

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