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The Upside of Masks

By Ann Green

It’s as good a time as any to ask,

Is there anything good about wearing a mask?

Of course it helps reduce the spread

Of this icky virus which we all dread.

But in addition there are ways

That masks can help on many days.

I can talk to myself and nobody knows,

As far as they know, my mouth is closed.

So there I am at the grocery store,

Complaining about what I can’t find anymore;

As long as I keep my voice kind of low

I might be swearing, but you wouldn’t know.

I can just wear makeup on my eyes;

Everything else is in disguise.

I can stick out my tongue and make faces at you,

My actual face you cannot view.

It’s fun to wear masks with different designs;

My friends know why there are kitties on mine.

If I decide to rob a bank,

I have my required mask to thank.

I’ll keep on trying to see what’s good,

And wearing my mask because I should.

— Ann Green

Ann Green is a freelance writer, editor, PR consultant and tutor.

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