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Humor Writer of the Month: Regina Stoops

Meet the winner of Erma’s Got Talent: The Stand-Up Auditions.

Comedian, storyteller and writer Regina Stoops has lived a life filled with so many causes she’s run out of room on her bumper. From a childhood in a town called Normal to life as a gay suburban soccer mom, special needs parent and MS Warrior, Regina uses humor as her weapon of choice to help tackle diversity, adversity and suburban chaos. Regina has performed throughout the San Francisco Bay area including her one woman show, “Coming Out...Again,” and as one half of the “Better Than Therapy Tour.” 

An aspiring writer, she has written a collection of personal essays, “Born Normal: My Life as a Bumper Sticker,” that’s available in bits and pieces on her blog, Normal Notes. The Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop has inspired her to turn those bits and pieces into an actual book.

In addition to comedy and writing, Regina is co-founder of Six Feet Apart Productions, an online platform for storytelling, comedy, book launches and whatever else can be dreamed up to alleviate pandemic boredom. A Moth StorySlam winner, her storytelling ability was born from the need to stay one step ahead of her kids' constant inquiries about Santa, time travel, common core math and what’s for dinner. To see what Regina is up to, follow her on Facebook.

To watch her winning performance, register for Erma's Got Talent: The Stand-Up Auditions. It's free.

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