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Who's Publishing What: Dare to Live

Dancing Grammie, also known as Queen Lori Mansell, launched her writing career after being crowned queen of the 2016 Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop.

Her stories have been featured in two Chicken Soup for the Soul editions, and, at the age of 92, she just published her first book Dare to Live — Finding Joy at Any Age (Braughler Books).

"Dare to Live is testimony to all writers that it is never too late to reach for the stars," said Susan Pohlman, author of Halfway to Each Other and A Time to Seek. 

When Dancing Grammie is not writing, she's tap dancing at local retirement homes as leader of the Prime Life Follies, a group she started in 2003 with her late husband. She enjoys enjoys connecting with her 22 grandchildren with daily emails and would love to be your friend on "The Facebook," as she calls it. She loves chocolate and keeps a tin under her desk in case of writer's block.

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