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Who's Publishing What: Champagne for One

Single or not, most women could use a little more solitude than the world typically offers. Like many, Rebekah Iliff used to be hesitant to intentionally spend time alone. After the sudden loss of a close friend, she decided to go forward with their upcoming vacation alone, and found herself drinking a glass of wine solo in a spa, much to fellow patrons’ concern.

This experience later sparked the poem “Champagne for One,” a joyful reflection on intentional solitude, and bubbled into a namesake collection of poetry and essays.

Foreword Reviews says Champagne for One “turns myths about solitude on their head." It’s perfect as a gift to a friend or as a treat to your solitary self.

Rebekah is a writer and entrepreneur based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her work has appeared in Inc., Entrepreneur, Mashable, Forbes, Business Insider, New York Times, Topeka Capital-Journal, Syndrome Magazine, HuffPost Comedy, Points in Case, Weekly Humorist, Slackjaw Humor, Erma Bombeck blog, The Satirist, Little Old Lady Comedy, Chicken Soup for the Soul and countless other outlets.

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