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Five professors featured on Academic Minute for "University of Dayton Week"

By News, University of Dayton

The popular radio program The Academic Minute is hosting “University of Dayton Week” Oct. 17-21.

Five professors will share their research, aired daily and available online at

How shall we live? How do we make sense of our lives? What is a good life? How do we create one? Psychology professor Jack Bauer shares a framework for understanding how personal and cultural stories shape our development and how, through those stories, we might cultivate the growth of happiness, love, and wisdom for the self and others.

Predicting an epidemic's spread: An epidemic spreads differently through the rural Midwest than through a big city. So a one-size-fits-all national approach to predicting the spread isn't the best approach, says Subramanian Ramakrishnan, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering.

Paul Laurence Dunbar’s artist legacy: Associate Music Professor Minnita Daniel-Cox says many people know the echoes of Dunbar’s words — but they don’t realize it. From “I know why the caged bird sings” to hip hop to “Hamilton,” Daniel-Cox, creator of the Dunbar Music Archive, traces the artistic legacy of the first Black poet to gain national prominence. 

3-D fingerprints: Fingerprints, which are 3D, are typically recorded in 2D photographs. But that may not deliver the most comprehensive picture, says Partha Banerjee, director of the University of Dayton Holography and Metamaterials Lab, and UD professor of electro-optics and photonics. Capturing holograms of 3D fingerprints would open a new dimension in identifying criminals, as well as identification for security. 

The untold history of Black Catholic nuns: Whoopi Goldberg's performance as Sister Mary Clarence in Sister Act is how most people think of Black Catholic nuns. Associate History Professor Shannen Dee Williams tells the real story: how generations of Black women and girls called to the sacred vows of poverty, chastity and obedience fought against racism, sexism and exclusion in America.

The Academic Minute, produced by WAMC/Northeast Public Radio, is a platform for professors from top universities across the country to share “groundbreaking research and how that research helps us understand and solve the big problems that matter to us all.”

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