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University of Dayton International Student and Scholar Services Spotlights Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student

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Asma Ul Hosna Meem grew up in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, a bustling, vibrant metropolis. She has fond memories of her high school, college and undergraduate days.

“The campus was full of color. There were lots of students organizing functions, and there was always something happening there. One of our last events was a rag concert where we invited one of our country’s popular singers,” says Asma.

Asma misses her family and her hometown immensely, especially around the Bengali new year when the town and people are adorned in beautiful, bright colors, and festivals line the streets. Asma, like so many young graduates in her country, was expected to finish school, find a job, then start a family in Bangladesh.

“Few women leave the city by themselves, much less go halfway around the world to study,” said Asma. But that was not how her path unfolded. Driven by a passion for education and travel. Asma set off on her educational journey to the U.S. “I am very grateful to all my family members for loving and supporting me along the way,” she said.

When looking for schools, Asma narrowed her search to the Midwest, known as a hub for strong manufacturing and universities. She applied and gained admission to several universities but was ultimately drawn to UD and its offer of a research assistantship (RA). The opportunity to be an RA resonated with her dreams to join academia as a professor in the future.

Asma cites the incredible support of her faculty and staff for her success. She has high praise for her supervisor, Dr. Robert Lowe, assistant professor with the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. “I’ve had a wonderful experience working with Dr. Lowe,” said Asma. They attended conferences together, and at one, Asma was nominated as a finalist for her work on additive manufacturing. “Dr. Lowe has been very supportive throughout.”

Asma also has high praise for Dr. Vinod Jain, who helped her adjust to UD and the U.S. with his wise words and frequent check-ins.

Asma sees herself becoming a research faculty here or in Bangladesh in the future. She dreams of joining academia as a professor, performing impactful research and contributing to society however small or large that may be.

Asma is an avid reader. She’s also a self-described “old soul” who loves old movies and music, especially the Beatles and John Denver. Listening to music, she said, “soothes her soul.”

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