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University of Dayton School of Engineering Innovation Center Libby LoPresti

Libby Lopresti Receives University of Dayton Presidential Staff Achievement Award

By Morgan Brewster, marketing communications intern

Being the seventh out of twelve children, Libby Lopresti has always been surrounded by large groups and has enjoyed helping others from a young age. 

This year, Lopresti, senior administrative assistant of the School of Engineering Innovation Center, is the recipient of the University of Dayton 2020 Presidential Staff Achievement Award

Lopresti was hired about 15 years ago by Phil Doepker, founding director of the UD School of Engineering Innovation Center. When she first started, the Innovation Center was the Design and Manufacturing Clinic where she worked with creative-thinking engineering students and staff. Shortly after being hired, the Innovation Center grew out of the Design and Manufacturing Clinic, and Lopresti has been an important part of not only helping engineering students and staff but also external clients on their design projects. Prior to UD, she was an administrative assistant for 18 years at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. 

Lopresti loves being a part of the UD community and feels as though campus has great energy and enthusiasm. She has made many friends during her time here and enjoys working with her fellow faculty and staff members.

 “I really enjoy helping others,” said Lopresti. “I always say, ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated.’ With that being said, when a student walks into my office, I remind myself, if this was my son or daughter, how would I want them to be treated? Respectfully.”

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