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Experiential Learning at the University of Dayton

By Mary Harbach, School of Engineering Cooperative Education

After working for four work terms with Midmark Corporation, a global manufacturer and supplier of healthcare products and equipment, headquartered in Dayton, Bridget Dues has accepted a full-time engineering position with the company.

Prior to her School of Engineering Cooperative Education experience, the University of Dayton mechanical engineering major from Coldwater, Ohio, was uncertain about the type of mechanical engineering she wished to pursue. 

However, Midmark was extremely flexible in allowing her to explore many roles within the company.

Over her four work terms, she was given the opportunity to work in four different Midmark engineering groups to better understand each of them and determine the direction of a future career. She experienced quality, operations, new product development and sustaining.  

This day-to-day experience helped her make a decision about what she wanted to do after graduation. Plus, she felt she was completing value added work through design, testing and the implementation of various projects.

Before completing her last co-op term, Midmark reached out to Dues with a full-time job opportunity. She will be starting as a full-time mechanical engineer with Midmark Corporation after her December 2019 graduation from the University of Dayton.

“My co-op experience was incredibly beneficial to my future career,” Dues said.  “Personally, participating in the co-op program helped me to pay for my education while still learning, directed me on my career path, expanded my network tremendously and allowed me to secure a full-time job before graduation. I would highly recommend the co-op program to anyone!”

The University of Dayton’s Cooperative Education Program is voluntary, but because of the quality of students who participate, there are more positions available than UD students to fill them. Students can stay right on campus and work locally, like Dues, or travel nationally and internationally to experience a different part of the world while at work.

Congratulations to Bridget and all students who take advantage of cooperative education at the University of Dayton to find their career path!

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