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Faculty and Staff Recognized with 2018 Vision Awards

By Adrienne Zandvoort '19

The School of Engineering recognized three faculty and one staff member for their work inside and outside the classroom with 2018 Vision Awards. The awards were presented at the School’s fall faculty/staff meeting in August.

The 2018 Vision Award recipients include: Dr. Kenya Crosson for Community, Dr. Sid Gunasekaran for Innovation, Dr. Andrew Sarangan for Excellence, and Ms. Peg Mount for Engagement and Service.

“Since 2015, the School of Engineering has annually selected four Vision Award winners in categories that map back to our mission, vision and core values,” said Associate Dean Margaret Pinnell.  “Our four award winners all had multiple nominations. All of these award winners are amazing people who have a long record of working for the common good of the University and the School of Engineering.”

Dr. Kenya Crosson
2018 Vision Award for Community

Crosson’s service as a mentor for minority engineering students, her commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion through the Office of Multicultural Affairs, participation in Minority Engineering and Technology Enrichment Camp and other outreach activities has led to her recognition. Her nominators noted her service as the LTC Fellow for Faculty Development in Diversity and Inclusion and her overall passion for enhancing the climate for diversity and inclusion during her time at UD.

Dr. Sid Gunasekaran
2018 Vision Award for Innovation

Gunasekaran’s willingness to teach outside of his discipline by serving as a faculty fellow at the Institute of Applied Creativity and Transformation (IACT) and as a KEEN Fellow are some of the reasons the committee selected him. His participation in the development of courses through the Hanley Sustainability Institute and development of innovative teaching spaces and equipment through the LTC add to his award. Gunasekaran’s use of highly innovative pedagogical techniques including portfolios and “passion projects” in his classes, which resulted in feature stories in KEEN magazine and the December 2017 issue of Aerospace America, were especially noticed by the committee.

Dr. Andrew Sarangan
2018 Vision Award for Excellence

Sarangan has received significant funding totaling more than $6 million during his time at UD, created the nanofab laboratory for making nanoscale electronic and photonics components, and mentored numerous graduate students. Nominations for Sarangan highlighted how he has authored and co-authored more than 100 journal articles and conference proceedings, as well as a textbook and book chapters. Among other notable activities, Sarangan received a Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education in Engineering award from the National Science Foundation for developing a nanotechnology curriculum for undergraduate students. He led the development of an electronic link between his cleanroom at the University with a classroom at Sinclair Community College to give demonstrations in real time. 

Ms. Peg Mount
2018 Vision Award for Engagement and Service

Mount, who retired as a senior administrative assistant in the Department of Engineering Management, Systems and Technology, at the end of the summer, was recognized for her long-term service to the School of Engineering. While at UD, Mount served as an active Marianist Educational Associate (MEA), was the co-founder of the School of Engineering’s MEA Welcome Committee, and developed and lead the School of Engineering’s Breakaway retreat inspired by the Office of Mission and Rector’s annual mission-based staff retreat. Her willingness to help and support faculty, staff and students in the School of Engineering and across campus, her prayerful support of people in their time of need, and her participation in numerous service activities are to be commended. Mount’s commitment to serving as an advocate for our international students is particularly noteworthy.  Her leadership in the School of Engineering and daily interactions with faculty, staff and students demonstrate and support the Marianist charism.

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