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Dayton Engineer

University of Dayton School of Engineering Computer Engineering Major Christian Cubacub

An Internship Unlike Any Other

By Karen Updyke, School of Engineering

The other video, 3D Printing Houses in India, is by our University of Dayton Media Production Group, Mike Kurtz, executive producer and director.

Check out ETHOS!

The ETHOS Center: Engineers in Technical Humanitarian Opportunities of Service Learning at the University of Dayton provides service-learning experiences through technical immersions, research and hands-on projects. Students gain perspectives on how the world influences engineering and technology. They use their engineering skills for humanitarian purposes serving others through their practical engineering knowledge.

Rooted in partnership, ETHOS works with in-country hosts who sponsor projects, enable cultural immersions and provide local perspectives to our solutions.

Open to all University students, ETHOS can proudly claim alumni not only from all disciplines of engineering but also from all schools and colleges within the University of Dayton.

Enjoy these videos and discover how our students find new perspectives through The ETHOS Center.

Nicaragua: 10-day International Breakout

3D Printing Houses in India

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