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Technology November 05, 2020
Heartbeat: Growing the Team & Isidore Improvements
A "heartbeat" article is intended to provide a glimpse behind the scenes of the work a team is doing. This is eLearning's first ever heartbeat post! We'll tell you what we've been working on for the past 6 weeks and updates about our team. We'll also share what we're working on next!
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Faculty and Staff October 29, 2020
Isidore is the Stick; You can be the Carrot
According to the 2020 Educause Student Technology Report, students heavily rely on reminders and nudges to help them stay on track for their work. But, what helps students stay motivated for their work?
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Faculty and Staff October 19, 2020
Reducing Grading Load with Model Answers in Isidore
Instructional designer Kent Darr explains how to use the Model Answer feature and Quick Write tool within Isidore to reduce instructor grading load.
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