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Dayton Law Once Again Top 2 In Ohio In Job Numbers

The University of Dayton School of Law finished second in Ohio in one of the key measures used to judge the success of graduates in finding employment.

Job numbers for the Class of 2021 show 90.3% of graduates got full-time, long-term, bar required or J.D. advantage jobs in the 10 months after graduation. That number puts Dayton Law second among the 10 law schools in the Ohio area and in the top quarter of law schools nationally, according to the Employment Summary Reports released to the American Bar Association.

“I was thrilled because that means these graduates achieved what they wanted to achieve and that’s what we want for them,” says Director of the Career Services Office and Assistant Dean Tim Swensen.

The School of Law has seen the percentage of its graduates getting full-time, long-term, bar required or J.D. advantage jobs in the 10 months after graduation grow each of the last three years, while maintaining its top two position in Ohio during that time.

Swensen says the quality of the graduates coming out of Dayton Law is one big reason for the continued success.

“The grads themselves, like the year before, were incredibly resilient, creative and persistent,” Swensen says.

He also credits the support given by the School of Law’s alumni and faculty for the successful job numbers.

“Our alumni came through with networking and mentorship opportunities and that was huge,” Swensen says. “Faculty were also recognized in the feedback as a major resource in helping grads find jobs.”

Swensen hopes to repeat the hiring success in future classes by continuing to provide the one-on-one feedback that is a hallmark of the Dayton Law experience.

“Our Career Services Office offers a lot of individualized attention targeted to help students get an opportunity to do what they want to do, where they want to do it,” Swensen says.

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