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Two Dayton Law Students Compete in Diversity Case Competition

They’d read cases and discussed details in class, but now they were about to take the next step.

Charles Scott-Palmer and Maria Mancha, both 1Ls at the University of Dayton School of Law, were going to apply what they’d learned for a hypothetical client.

“Being able to step outside the classroom and provide legal advice, allowed us to experience what it would be like in that situation,” says Scott-Palmer.

Scott-Palmer and Mancha took part in January in the Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL Diversity Virtual Case Competition done in partnership with the University of Cincinnati College of Law.

The competition featured diverse teams from law schools around the area. The students were given the kind of scenario they could face as lawyers and had to present to their client, in this case a panel of judges, how they’d advise handling it.

“I enjoyed it because as a 1L you don’t get that experience of having a client and talking to them about a case,” Mancha says.

Mancha and Scott-Palmer say they got some great help from their coach for the event, KMK Associate Carly Knue. The two came away from the competition feeling good about what they presented.

“They really enjoyed how we formulated everything and how we used the cases,” Mancha says. “Everyone had good feedback.”

They also left having made some lasting connections.

“I think that’s important, especially because it’s harder to network with everything online,” Scott-Palmer says. “Those are connections we can build on for the next few years.”

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