Thursday September 14, 2017

Daring to Change: Leadership We Need Now

Within each of us, right now, is everything we need to thrive in the face of complexity and change. We just have to decide whether or not we are willing to do the work, whether or not we are willing to lead a more daring life. The centerpiece of this experience is the opportunity for each leader to develop a deeper personal understanding of their leadership identity while they practice the elements of connection that strengthen relationship and engagement. The program will begin with an introduction of the subject matter including the leadership “voices” construct that guides our work. Through a storytelling framework, you will hear a story from David Berry’s experience to set the tone for each section after which you will be invited to reflect on and share a story of your own.

David Berry will be at the Center on September 20, 2017.

To learn more or to register click here or call 937-229-3115.


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