Lalanne Series - Madilyn Welton

<p>We would now like to introduce you to Madi Welton who is another one of our Lalanne teachers! Madi is 22 and she is from Bloomington, IN. She is a graduate of Indiana University and is currently starting her first year as a Lalanne teacher. Madi will be a part of the Cincinnati community teaching at St. Clement School this coming school year. Keep reading to see what Madi has to say in response to the questions that we presented to her...</p>


Lalanne Series - Julie Kanitz

<p>Our next lovely Lalanne teacher that we hope you will get to know is Julie Kanitz! Julie is a 22 year old from Cincinnati. She is a graduate of Xavier University in her first year as a Lalanne teacher. Julie is a part of the Lansing community and she will be teaching in St. Michael&amp;#8217;s school this coming school year. Here is what Julie has to say about herself and her vocation as a teacher...</p>