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Center for Catholic Education at UD

Meet the Staff: Mariam

By Mariam Couri

This semester we are so excited to welcome Mariam Couri to the CCE staff! As a Teacher Education student, she is excited to help serve the Catholic community.

What do you do at the Center for Catholic Education?

I am a Student Worker for the Center assisting the staff with office work and other activities. I also will be writing and creating blogs for the CCE blog website that highlight important events and the mission of the CCE.

Tell a little about yourself and what led you to work at the Center?

I have attended Catholic School since kindergarten and my family has worked to help me believe that being Catholic is an essential aspect of my identity. I first learned about the Center for Catholic Education from a previous student worker. She encouraged me to research the Center and its mission because of its alignment with my experiences in Catholic Education. I also am pursuing teaching as a career and I appreciated the unique opportunity to grow in my understanding of my major and its correlation with my Catholic faith.

Describe your family

I am the second oldest of nine children and I am the only girl with eight brothers. Both my parents come from large families so I have spent my entire life being surrounded by large groups of people. I have enjoyed growing up with my cousins and sharing many life adventures and milestones together. Living with eight brothers has always been one of my favorite fun facts and there is never a dull moment at home. Having a large family has taught me the importance of responsibility and hard work especially as one of the oldest siblings.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

In my free time, I enjoy running, spending intentional time with friends, and fostering my love for art especially ceramics. I also enjoy cooking and reading.

Why do you support Catholic Education?

Growing up in Catholic Education I have learned important skills and facts about my Catholic Faith that have assisted me in developing my whole character: body, mind, and spirit. Catholic Education allows for students to develop both personal connections with their community and with their faith. Likewise, as a future educator I hope to assist students in finding themselves through service and compassion for their greater community.

Who is your role model?

I have always been inspired by the Catholic Saints especially the Virgin Mary. I love the unique lives and missions of each saint during their time on earth. I am also constantly inspired by my mom, her endurance, and example of a beautiful and authentic life.

Tell us three Fun Facts about you

  1. I danced ballet pre-professionally for 14 years
  2. I can slalom water ski (water skiing with one ski not two)
  3. I love spending time outside (especially hiking)

Edited by Ava Gravino.

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