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Living the Dream

By Lisa Witt with Sumant Grover, PhD

For Sumant Grover '18, growing up in a small city in northern India, he was inspired by the idea of the "Big American Dream" and, after working with UD Career Services, is now living the dream. 

Sumant was fascinated to pursue higher education in life sciences from the United States. His vision was to improve healthcare by working for an innovative and cutting-edge biotech company. During his PhD candidacy, Grover performed research in the College of Arts & Sciences Department of Biology for six years and taught various biology labs as a teaching assistant.

Even though Grover excelled in academic science, he wanted to apply his expertise in molecular biology to real world applications. It is not conventional for scientists like himself to work for a biotech company after completing a PhD. Grover overcame this roadblock by working long and hard on his job search strategy. Over the course of two and half years, Grover worked with UD Career Services to perfect his networking and job search skills. His passion for innovation and commitment to live his dream paid off when he had four job offers after interviews at five different companies last fall. “My work with Career Services played a pivotal role in shaping my success,” says Grover.

Sumant is now working in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina for Novogene Corporation, which is the world’s largest sequence provider company. “Nothing gives more satisfaction than to provide faster and high quality services to fellow scientists that will help develop cure for diseases like cancer, genetic diseases, and any other disease (you name it),” says Grover. “This work is directly related to the development of personalized medicine.”

In his words, “Next time you find an exotic bug in your backyard, or you are curious to know about the genome of Christmas tree, you know who to reach out to!” Sumant serves as an inspiration for his fellow International Flyers.