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China's Challenge to American Free Market Capitalism

If you read the syllabus for Tom Albrecht’s course, China’s Challenge to American Free Market Capitalism, you may be reminded of an early Tom Clancy book. International intrigue and global economic positioning resonate. But the world is very different since we were introduced to Jack Ryan. Global economies are more closely tied than would have been predicted at the end of the 20th century. The economies of the United States and China have evolved along distinct, but undeniably linked, pathways. This new Spring 2022 Finance course explores the real and projected results that influence both countries, as well as other smaller, but still significant, national economies.

Tom Albrecht brings over 40 years of experience with finance law to the classroom, as well as an international leadership background with the offices of Sidley Austin LLP. His close observations of major geopolitical events, statutory and regulatory changes, shifting economic policies – where and when they happened – help shed credible light on not only what is happening currently with world economies, but also on the histories that brought the US and China to where they are today, locked in inescapable association within a race to increase global economic power. As Tom has observed, “A thoughtful consideration of the future of the US and China relationship on the global stage must start, not with a military or political analysis, but with economics.”

Albrecht received degrees in Economics and Psychology from the University of Dayton in 1976, and a J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School in 1979. He also sits on UD’s Board of Trustees and is the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of the National Bureau of Asian Research, a policy think tank focusing on US and Asia Pacific relations.

Hear more about Tom Albrecht’s intriguing and noteworthy service to his profession, to global relations, and to the University where it all started, in the next episode of the Business Class podcast with host Trevor Collier, Interim Dean of UD’s School of Business Administration.

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