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Episode 1 - The Business Class Podcast

Khristian Santiago, a 2016 graduate of the University of Dayton School of Business Administration and new member of the University of Dayton Board of Trustees, sat down recently to chat with SBA Interim Dean Trevor Collier for the inaugural episode of the Business Class Podcast.  Listeners are invited along as Khris recalls his first year at UD, when he took Dr. Collier’s Principles of Microeconomics class, and discusses a wide range of other topics.

Their conversation takes us from Puerto Rico, where Khris grew up and attended a Marianist High School, to Dayton, where the UD community welcomed – and challenged – him every step along his college path. Flyer Enterprises (FE), UD’s student-run business with over $1.2 million in annual revenue, became a central vehicle for Khris’ personal and professional development. Listeners will understand why Khris is equally grateful for lessons that come from difficulties as for those born of success.

The podcast delves into the UD experiences that helped Khris prepare for a professional career with Google, first in Michigan and then in California, and how the UD mantra of community helped him settle into his roles. They also discuss how Khris found a new and strong community within UD alumni groups. He credits his involvement with the DAY10 Young Alumni Group with keeping his UD connections strong. For this and many other reasons, Khris knows that taking advantage of an opportunity to join a community can be life-changing.

In fact, he says, “It was at a DAY10 Alumni Group event in San Francisco that Eric Spina and Jen Howe first approached me about joining the University Board of Trustees.”  Hear more about what led to this remarkable opportunity, as well as Khris’ advice to current UD students, in the Business Class Podcast.

You can find the Business Class podcast on Apple Podcast, Google Play, and/or Spotify.

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