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School of Business Administration

Meet the Orgs - Flyer Consulting

Meet Flyer Consulting!

Flyer Consulting (FC) is a student-run organization providing complimentary business consulting to nonprofit organizations.  FC works to promote economic growth locally and around the world through business development, entrepreneurial mentorship, and loan pipeline management.

A member of Flyer Consulting…
… is introduced to opportunities to work with real businesses within the Dayton community and beyond. All members are in charge of delivering some amount of work to a client, whether that be as a Consultant, Project Lead, or Managing Director. Members continuously strive to develop and enhance their professional skills through these roles as well as by attending speaker events and participating in training with partner companies.

What your membership means to future employers:
By applying the skills and techniques learned in the classroom to business problems faced by local, regional, national and international nonprofits, FC members are able to augment their education with relevant real-world experience. Members gain knowledge by doing everything from rebranding a business to data science work to managing a microlending pipeline, all while still in college.

A message from Flyer Consulting President Eric Mullet:
“Flyer Consulting has become one of my greatest assets as I grow personally and professionally. Membership has given me access to an amazing network, challenging work, and the chance to positively impact businesses in the community through our solutions.”

Get in touch!

UD students can find out more about Flyer Consulting on their website Other questions can be directed to



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