Tuesday September 26, 2017

College Faculty in the News: September 26, 2017

Lt. Col. Jeff Rosenberg, department of military science, spoke to local media about the team efforts of University of Dayton and Ohio State University Army cadets as they participated in the "Game Ball Run" to honor former department chair Lt. Col. Chuck Schretzman. Follow this story and other recent media coverage of College of Arts and Sciences faculty research, scholarship and commentary.

"Dayton’s immigrant population doubles: ‘You can get a better life’"
Dayton Daily News, Sep 22, 2017
Graduate Assistant Youssef Farhat, Human Rights Center, and Professor Theo Majka, department of sociology, anthropology and social work.

"Auto theft history joins SAH Hershey book signing event"
Hemmings Daily, Sep. 19, 2017
Professor John Heitmann, department of history.

“Trump’s UN Debut”
Fox45 TV, Dayton, Sep. 19, 2017
Assistant Professor Joel Pruce, department of political science.

"Commentary: Economic De-segregation In The Miami Valley"
91.3/WYSO Public Radio, Yellow Springs OH, Sep. 18, 2017
Lecturer Danielle Rhubart, department of sociology, anthropology and social work.

A Construction Worker Says He Found St. Peter's Bones. What About the Ones in the Vatican?”
The Daily Beast, Sep. 17, 2017
Assistant Professor Meghan Henning, department of religious studies.

"UD and OSU ROTC cadets team up to honor veteran with connection to both schools"
abc22now.com and fox45now.com, Sep. 15, 2017
LTC Jeff Rosenberg, department of military science.

"New Push To Stop Online Child Trafficking"
WVXU 91.7/ WMUB 88.5 Public Radio, Cincinnati and Oxford OH, Sep. 13, 2017
Lecturer Anthony Talbott, director of Abolition Ohio; interim executive director of the Human Rights Center.

"Drive Electric Ohio, UD institutes partner for electric vehicle showcase"
Dayton Daily News, Sep. 12, 2017
Professor Robert Brecha, department of physics, Research Director for the Hanley Sustainability Institute.

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