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ArtStreet?s Institute for Arts Nexus presents 'CHANGE'

ArtStreet and the Institute for Arts Nexus (IAN) present CHANGE — the sixth and final installation of the 2015-2016 IAN series. CHANGE will open at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 20, in conjunction with the University’s annual Stander Symposium.

CHANGE is a performative and creative experience that will open as an interactive space within the ArtStreet complex and the ArtStreet amphitheatre. Following its opening day, the installation will then be on display in the White Box Gallery from April 21st to May 7th. CHANGE is the culminating project of the IAN II course, which is open to all University of Dayton students and is a requirement for ArtStreet residents. IAN II focuses on the outcomes of critical perspectives, creative confidence and challenges students to ultimately make innovative applications.

Students of the IAN II course previously completed IAN I last semester, where they primarily studied critical perspectives as a beginning catalyst before becoming the agents of change that IAN II explores. This year the theme around these sessions is centered on the topic of climate, which varies in interpretations from one’s needs in society to the physical earth atmosphere. In IAN I, trios from the IAN collective of faculty, staff and regional creatives (known as tri-teachers) taught each weekly class session, exploring different themes and ideas that challenge students’ minds in innovative perspectives — all while relating to the White Box Gallery installation on display during that time. The topic of climate was interpreted differently by each set of tri-teachers, so that each class was specialized to the perspective of that faculty member.

As the IAN II course launched in January, the students were then tasked with creating their own IAN class session, as groups were put together based on academic majors. This resulted in different disciplines pulling together innovative perspectives that created interpretations of their own installation reaction. Members of these groups were then assigned a creative mentor from the IAN Collective of Educators and collaborated to design a session that resolved around the ideation, the disruption, and an “A-ha” finale.

A group of Humanities students produced a class session that delved into challenges society faces within the police system and how victims will naturally select a perpetrator out of a police lineup — regardless of whether or not that person committed the crime. Another cluster of Engineering majors designed their IAN session with regards to realistic tasks of building a bridge with specific supplies. Their ideation for the class was to give various groups a limited number of resources, reflecting the difference in multinational corporations versus local government bridge construction.

After every student group in the IAN II course has taught their session, the students are assigned to build an installation that revolves around the theme of CHANGE. With each bundle of different majors, their class sessions spoke to also addressing installations that were simultaneously on view at the White Box Gallery, such as UPHEAVAL and REFLECTION. For the last installment of CHANGE, IAN II students are collaborating with UD’s Visiting Artist for Sustainability Initiatives, Michael Bashaw, in order to create an installation that draws upon all aspects of climate explored throughout the academic year. The collaboration is co-sponsored by the Hanley Sustainability Institute.

Brian LaDuca, Director of ArtStreet, described CHANGE to be a creative experience that will be a culmination of all themes explored throughout the IAN sessions and gallery shows. The installation will either evolve or devolve as remnants of the April 20th opening experience will make up the entire installation in the White Box Gallery. “To have the creative confidence to authentically look at what climate is, and what it means in relation to a student’s specific discipline of study is what the Institute for Arts Nexus represents. CHANGE is that call-to-action, that explicit innovative experience where the students now take their creative perspective and concepts and design a world for the campus and the public to explore with the goal to apply an unexpected outcome to their day to day experience.”

The White Box Gallery is the nexus for the courses, public programs and 'radically creative' experiences that help spark innovative dialogue at ArtStreet and the Institute for Arts Nexus. Hosting six world premiere installations annually, the White Box Gallery’s mission is to bring vision to reality through 4-dimensional (sight, sound, space and emotion) immersions that challenge social, industrial, cultural and academic perspectives.

The 2015-16 IAN Installation Series is focused on our daily climate — and our elemental responses to our environment. From the origins of want and need to the fight for more when it’s taken away, the White Box Gallery’s fall installations focused on THIRST, CONSUMPTION and FEAR. The spring semester introduced UPHEAVAL, followed by REFLECTION, the 11th annual Citizens of the World student photo installation. The academic year will culminate with the IAN II capstone installation, CHANGE.

ArtStreet is located at the intersection of Lawnview Avenue and Kiefaber Street on the University of Dayton campus. ArtStreet is open 8 a.m. to midnight Monday through Friday and noon to midnight Saturday and Sunday. For more information about ArtStreet events, call 937-229-5101 or visit


Performance and Installation Premiere:
 Wednesday, April 20, 2016

7 p.m. ArtStreet (Kiefaber Sculpture Space)
Installation on view April 21 - May 7, ArtStreet White Box Gallery
What happens when 70 students from diverse majors come together to think about the challenges embedded in nurturing a sustainable world? It’s CHANGE. With guidance from Michael Bashaw, UD's Visiting Artist for Sustainability Initiatives, students in the IAN II course will creatively apply innovative “solutions” to the collaborative and critical perspectives developed from the themes of the entire 2015-16 IAN Installation Series.
Presented in conjunction with the Stander Symposium; co-sponsored by ArtStreet’s Institute for Arts Nexus and the Hanley Sustainability Institute.

Press release written by Kiersten Remster '17. 

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