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Arts at UD

Spotlight on ArtStreet

By Kiersten Remster '17

This year at ArtStreet, the facility celebrates its 10-year anniversary. Since its opening, ArtStreet has made significant changes and additions, all of which contribute to a new perspective. After a yearlong visioning process the staff and stakeholders of ArtStreet have redefined their vision as “radically creative arts experiences that change the world.”

In order to achieve this statement that the arts are catalysts to revolutionary new ideas spreading across not only the campus here at U.D., but nationwide, ArtStreet offers multidisciplinary perspectives through unique spaces, residential living, innovative curriculum, and life-changing arts experiences. “There is not another ArtStreet across the nation - it is wholly unique. Identifying that one-of-a-kind voice through cross campus collaboration was crucial,” said Brian LaDuca, director at ArtStreet. 

The exhibition season in ArtStreet’s White Box Gallery produces and commissions world premiere multimedia installations that pump blood through the programmatic and curricular body of the ArtStreet campus. In one gallery, ideas are brought to tangible, visible forms that introduce viewers to a new radical experience.

The opening exhibit this academic year was titled Hypermediacy: The Obsession with 24/7 Media. Three Dayton artists came together to create works based on social media, news, and other information that fed over a 64-hour period. This exhibit was so moving and revolutionary, that PBS’s station, Think TV, visited to do a featured segment for The Art Show on the perspective of what is considered news versus what really is news in modern society.

After Hypermediacy concluded, the White Box gallery opened Impact: Reactions to the Rose Rare Book Collection. This exhibit invited three U.D. alumni to react and comment on written texts and to also explore the impact of the diverse history within the Rose Rare Book Collection–an exhibit on display at Roesch Library.

The current exhibit titled Perspectives: Citizens of the World, highlights stories that display students’ perspective of the world we live in through photography. This exhibit showcases the both the international and domestic journeys of University of Dayton students as they experience, engage, and capture the world they are immersed in. The exhibit runs until December 19th.

ArtStreet has now devoted a physical space in the facility that is strictly for imagination, creativity, art and innovation. Formerly a more traditional art studio, the new Creator Space enables different curriculum models and arts experiences through the Concept Corner (dry-erase walls that expand down and onto the floor space) and the Imagination Station (with a Lego table), as well as numerous art supplies that are open to all who take advantage of the space. ArtStreet is inviting all students regardless of majors to exercise their creative minds with the Creator Space.

In addition, LaDuca and the ArtStreet team have revamped the ArtStreet mini-course formerly known as “ArtStreet Experience,” renaming it to “Realizing Imagination Through Applied Creativity.” All ArtStreet residents are required to take this course, as well as select students of various majors across campus have been invited to join for the first time this fall semester. The model brings together numerous faculty, staff, and community members who teach the class each week, challenging students’ abilities to understand the value of imagination. With radically developed course themes, students have engaged in interesting exercises such as a Twitter War, a Digital Media Cypher and interactions with a visiting theatrical mime to understand visual reactions in a visionary world. Experiencing these innovative perspectives encourages students to analyze what it means to be a citizen during the 21st century. Students begin to question the digital outlook that is present in their everyday lives and exercise applied creativity that is useful to their academic majors. 

However you engage with this evolving multidisciplinary center, you will be impacted by the radical creative arts experiences that are being designed with both curricular and co-curricular intention. Join the experience as ArtStreet continues to empower generations of Dayton students to be the most dynamically inventive individuals they can be.

Kiersten Remster is a sophomore Art History and German student at University of Dayton. She is the new student arts writer at ArtStreet and also serves on the Academic Affairs Committee this year as the student representative. 

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