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Students and Campus Life April 13, 2021
Stander Symposium 2021: Live, On Demand … and on the Porch

It's time for the annual showcase of student research, creativity, and discovery at UD: the Bro. Joseph W. Stander Symposium on Thursday, April 22, 2021. 

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Engineering April 13, 2021
Engineering Dean’s Fund for Excellence and the Multi-Ethnic Engineers Program Outreach Initiative bring engineering enthusiasm to first-grade through high school students

The Multi-Ethnic Engineers Program Outreach Initiative is in its third year in the University of Dayton School of Engineering. This Initiative is thriving thanks to the leadership of Jada Cooper-Taylor, senior industrial engineering technology major and MEP ambassador, as well as through the support of the Engineering Dean’s Fund for Excellence.

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News April 12, 2021
Mary in the News: April 12, 2021

Read recent items about Mary in both Catholic and secular news. Also, see International Marian Research Institute as well as Marian Library news and updates.

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Continuing Education April 12, 2021
A UD Faith Journey from Peru
From Peru to Dayton's VLCFF online.
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Libraries April 12, 2021
Student Employee Appreciation Week: Total Teamwork

Student Employee Appreciation Week at UD is April 12-16. The library stays open and runs efficiently thanks to a dedicated workforce of undergraduate and graduate students.

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Students and Campus Life April 12, 2021
University of Dayton economics major named Newman Civic Fellow

University of Dayton junior Ryan Greensfelder was awarded a Newman Civic Fellowship in recognition for his leadership and dedication toward education and food access in the Dayton community.

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Libraries April 12, 2021
One Day of Giving for All Flyers

The University of Dayton Libraries support students, faculty and staff from all majors, departments and units. A gift of any size to the Libraries impacts the learning experience at University of Dayton, supports student success and strengthens faculty research.

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Faith/Mission April 12, 2021
Weekly Marian Features: April 12, 2021

This week will celebrate Our Lady of Mercy and more.

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President April 12, 2021
One Family
As a child, Emily Parker said she "looked at the world in an innocent way," not seeing any difference between herself and her adoptive family until second grade classmates told her she was different.
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Giving April 09, 2021
Old Paint, Old Wood, New Hope: A Day of Giving Success Story

Thanks to gifts received during the 2020 day of giving, research and conservation has begun on a fragile statue of the Madonna and Child slated for display and instruction.

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