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Giving October 04, 2023
A Champion for UD
Kaitlyn Redmond ’15 isn’t shy about her love for the University of Dayton. And as a Flyer Champion volunteer she shares that love, and her campus experiences, with prospective students who are considering UD.
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Law October 03, 2023
The Cat Who Went To Law School

See how students, faculty and staff at the University of Dayton School of Law and others on campus and in the community joined together to care for an unexpected visitor.

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Sustainability October 02, 2023
HSI Undergraduate Fellow brings sustainability to youth
Emme Gerth worked for the City of Dayton Sustainability Office, taking a leadership role as the Sprouts Environmental Educator.
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President October 02, 2023
One Tent. One Community.

We’re busy building a bigger tent at UD, creating space for every member of our campus community.


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Campus and Community October 02, 2023
Tom Tappel ’18

For Tom Tappel ’18, ’21, the best way to learn, lead and serve within the Dayton community was to look to the future — of energy. Tappel graduated from the University of Dayton in 2018, then spent some time working as an engineer. But it wasn’t until a graduate assistantship with the ETHOS Center a few years later that Tappel dove into learning everything he could about the household energy burdens disproportionately impacting low-income families around America. He found many of those families live in buildings that were not at all energy-efficient.

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Engineering October 02, 2023
NASA grant to improve CubeSat satellites' ability to regulate heat, improve success rate of missions

NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative allows universities to build small, 10 centimeter cube satellites that will be sent up to space via a larger NASA mission. Although CubeSats are fairly simple technology, the harsh space environment provides many challenges. As the CubeSats go in and out of the sun’s view, they heat and cool very rapidly and can cause the technology to break quickly. Because of this, many fail and never complete recording data.

Thanks to a grant from NASA, UD School of Engineering assistant professor Rydge Mulford is trying to solve this problem.

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Faculty October 02, 2023
UD lecturer Katrina Kittle publishes new novel, ‘Morning in This Broken World’
Katrina Kittle, a University of Dayton lecturer, drew inspiration from the pandemic experiences of herself and others for Morning in This Broken World.
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Libraries October 02, 2023
Let Freedom Read
Join the University of Dayton Libraries in the celebration of Banned Books Week Oct. 1-7. For over 40 years, Banned Books Week has drawn national attention to the harms of censorship.
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Faith/Mission October 02, 2023
St. Francis, Pope Francis, Nativities, and the Natural World

This year’s Christmas exhibit, Nativities and the Natural World, will celebrate the 800th anniversary of St. Francis’ first Nativity scene and connect St. Francis’ love of nature with Laudato si’.

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LGBTQ+ October 01, 2023
Coming Out On Display

Roesch Library celebrates UD's support of the LGBTQ+ community with a new historical display.

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